Our Favorite Treatments to Reverse Sun Damage

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Even with the best skincare regimen, it can still be damaged by sun exposure over a lifetime. Sun exposure is one of the biggest risk factors for skin cancer as well as many different skin concerns like premature aging and pigmentation. Fortunately, there are a variety of skincare […]

Your Options for a Slim Waist

You can get a slim waist through diet and exercise, but sometimes that doesn’t work as it should. This is especially true when you need fast results, or when you have a medical condition that makes it challenging to exercise or change your diet. At times, accumulating fat around your midsection is a result of […]

Can’t Hit the Gym? No Sweat! Get Beach Ready with CoolSculpting

The blistering cold of winter is behind us, and now our minds are ready for the warmth of spring and summer. This means days spent at the beach, sitting alongside a swimming pool, or just taking a jog in summer clothing. While our minds might be ready for the summer, our bodies may still be […]

Should I Get a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, or Both?

When a patient arrives at our office, I am often faced with the issue of guiding them to the correct breast procedure for their needs. Although a patient may arrive at our center, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, with an idea of what they need to do to feel happy with their […]

The Best Skincare Treatments to Get in the Summer

Here at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, we believe in special skin care treatments for every season. Let’s face it, our complexions may still have that dull, dry appearance left behind from those cold, moisture-robbing winter days. Our skin needs proper preparation now to exfoliate the dead skin cell build-up we’ve accumulated. […]

Our Patient Safety Pledge

Now more than ever, safety in our daily lives and experiences is paramount. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Center of Maryland, your safety has been and will continue to be our highest priority. Learn more about HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT and HOW WE WILL DO OUR BEST to keep you safe at our center. […]

Where on Your Body Can You Get Liposuction?

Trying to achieve and maintain the body shape and silhouette that we want can be a daunting process. Sometimes, despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, stubborn fat deposits can still remain. To combat this problem, some people choose to enlist surgical treatment to allow them to look and feel their best. What To Know About Liposuction […]

Get Your Body Summer Ready

During winter, it can be easy to get caught up in the dreary, cold weather. Sometimes, we can forget summer is on its way sooner than we think. Whether you’re planning to go somewhere exotic and tropical or somewhere local for summer, you’ll want to have your body looking its best so you can feel […]

When Should I Start Getting Injectables

Cosmetic injections have evolved from an active treatment method to a preventative measure for those looking to eliminate and/or prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, collagen production slows and the elastin and collagen underneath our skin begin to break down, resulting in facial folds and creases. Dermal injectables provide an […]

Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is one of the most effective ways of enhancing the human body. For you to get the best results, you ought to select a competent plastic surgeon who is board certified. A board certified plastic surgeon is the one who has met the minimum educational qualifications. After completing graduate studies, the surgeon has […]