Dr. Ashruf offers Emsculpt NEO procedures, which are technologically advanced, non-invasive, procedures that can sculpt the body or improve your health. These services are available through our Hanover, Maryland offices and convenient for patients throughout the Annapolis, Annapolis, and Columbia area.

Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO is a unique and noninvasive body contouring treatment which reduces fat in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, flanks, or back. Emsculpt NEO works using radiofrequency (RF) energy to safely melt fat without causing any damage to surrounding cells. Following Emsculpt NEO treatment, the fat cells are sufficiently damaged, so the body naturally and safely flushes them away, resulting in a permanently slimmer, toned body contour. This treatment is typically paired with Emsculpt HIFEM for more complete body sculpting.

Emsculpt HIFEM

Emsculpt HIFEM allows for more complete body contouring compared to other treatments by building muscle in addition to reducing fat with Emsculpt NEO. HIFEM stands for “high intensity electromagnetic” energy, which stimulates involuntary muscle contractions more deeply and intensely than is possible with traditional exercise. This both enhances fat burning and builds muscle for a toned and athletic appearance.


Emsella, also known as The Kegel Throne is a completely non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence that works using electromagnetic energy. During treatment, patients simply sit on the Emsella chair, which then emits electromagnetic energy to stimulate pelvic floor muscle contractions. This creates improved control for many patients suffering from urinary incontinence without downtime.

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