Our state of the art, luxurious center offers patients a safe, convenient, high-quality surgical experience. We take pride in our 5000 square foot, pristine, ambulatory surgical facility, where a broad range of surgical procedures can be performed.


Located in the heart of Arundel Mills, Maryland, The Arundel Mills Surgery Center, Inc is a 5 minute drive from Annapolis, Washington International Airport.

Specialties include: Cosmetic Surgery, Body Contouring & Aesthetic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, & Hair Restoration.

Our central location offers easy access for patients traveling from any direction. The facility is located on Teague Road, in Hanover, directly oppo-site Arundel Mills Mall and The Maryland Live Casino in the Arundel Mills Corporate Park. Our welcoming, comfortable, outpatient surgical setting, and fully staffed recovery unit, supervised by our experienced nursing staff, enables you to recover from your procedure at our center and then return home on the same day to fully recuperate in familiar surroundings.

Setting the standard

Patients and their physicians choose Arundel Mills Surgery Center, be-cause they understand that the center is dedicated to providing surgical services that meet high standards of quality and safety. In order to ensure our patients receive care consistent with these standards:

Our Standards

  • We maintain the highest quality and safety control standards.
  • All physicians must apply for privileges and undergo a rigorous re-view of their credentials prior to performing surgery at the center.
  • Our anesthesia staff includes highly experienced, board-certified physicians.
  • Our entire clinical staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Our registered nurses are specially trained in outpatient surgery and have extensive operating room and recovery unit of experience.
  • Many of our nurses are part of AORN, an organization dedicated to surgical nursing safety and expertise.
  • Arundel Mills Surgery Center is licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and certified by Medicare and accredited by AAAASF, the gold standard in ambulatory surgical accreditation.

The Arundel Mills Surgery Center is a fully accredited facility which includes a main operating room, a sterile procedure room, an area for local anesthesia procedures, a distinct surgical waiting room, with nurses station for patients to check in, a pre op area for patients to relax prior to surgery as well as a full recovery unit, supervised by trained nurses for patients to recover post operatively. Our sterilization and cleaning facilities are second to none.

The Operating Room

Arundel Mills Surgery Center is a medicare certified facility, this means that we meet the standards for safety and quality, set by the U.S government. There are many classes of operating rooms. The class designation determines the extent of procedures that can be safely performed.

We are one of only 5 centers in the state of Maryland, that falls under the class C standards outlined by Medicare and AAASF. There are numerous other centers that meet part of the accreditation criteria for each agency, however, very few centers nationwide meet the criteria for both agencies.

The class C designation is the highest level of certification possible. Centers with the class C designation are certified to perform procedures under all types of anesthesia. It is awarded to facilities after rigorous inspection, and verification of strict healthcare guidelines.

Accreditation allows for the best assurance of safety, quality and efficiency.

The class C designation by Medicare, and AAAASF includes all of the following:

  1. Strict Criteria for operating room size, with rooms being greater than 400 square feet.
  2. Specific, targeted air filtration systems that provide continuous air ex-changes within the center, that continuously filter the air, to pro-mote the sterile environment.
  3. Strict infection control programs, and quality assurance protocols
  4. Rigorous administration, to ensure physician and nursing staffing and credentials. Our administration staff was trained by prestigious Johns Hopkins Healthcare System.
  5. Maintenance of all state guidelines needed for re-certification.
  6. Our center is fully equipped with a back up power system as well as an entirely separate electrical system to provide emergency power supply in the event of a power outage.


Our PACU unit is fully staffed by a team of experienced RN’s and surgical staff, they continue to monitor our patients post procedure, and attend to their needs. After anesthesia, our patients are able to discuss any post op care with the surgical staff and stay in the recovery unit until they feel they are ready to fully recuperate at home.

We also have adjacent “beauty suites” provided by Spring Hill by Marriott. These newly renovated rooms are designed specifically for Arundel Mills Surgery Center clients, and feature all the amenities that a post procedure client may desire. These suites are adjacent to our center.

When clients elect to stay overnight after their procedure at the adjacent suite, they feel reassured that the surgery center and staff is just a few feet away. Patients are taken by nursing staff to their suite, post recovery. The following morning, the surgeon and his assistant will then perform his post operative visit in the comfort and privacy of the suite. For those clients who request a caregiver, we can provide nursing staff to accompany them overnight.

Our Amenities

The Beauty Suites offer patients from near and far, all of the following amenities:

  1. Newly renovated rooms
  2. Concierge service 24/7
  3. Shuttle service to and from BWI Airport, and other local destinations
  4. Complimentary hot breakfast
  5. Free beverage service
  6. Gourmet lunch for 2, once per stay
  7. Private, post procedure care