Get a thigh gap in one hour. With no pain and no downtime, Dr. Ashruf can treat the inner thighs which are a problem area for most people. This is because the stubborn inner thigh fat is largely the cause of heredity and hormonal factors. Despite many of our clients trying multiple thigh workouts and strict diets, this fat proves to be especially resistant to the best efforts. This is why CoolSculpting, by Dr. Ashruf, is a great choice for the inner thighs and is Dr. Ashruf’s treatment of choice for thigh-area fat reduction. This is because the hormonal fat with skin laxity is easily treated with the vertical CoolFit applicators. The vertical placement and positioning allow Dr. Ashruf to create the thigh gap in most women with just one session. Results are seen as early as 30 days after treatment and continue to be seen until 4 months after. Coolsculpting with CoolFit allows Dr. Ashruf to contour the thighs, reduce the bulges, and smooth the skin, for most individuals. Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared to treat the inner thighs and reduce fat in this area by freezing the fat cells.