A furrowed, heavy brow can make it difficult to look as young as you feel. The gliding brow lift is one of the newest and most advanced techniques available to lift and smooth the brow with the help of your board-certified plastic surgeon.

Brow lines and laxity can negatively impact your confidence, especially when it gives a certain impression to the others around you. While Botox® or the surgical brow lift are common options for patients with these concerns, one exciting new option is the gliding brow lift which can transform the upper face without the incisions or downtime of a traditional brow lift.

About the Gliding Brow Lift

Traditional brow lifts have the goal of lifting and excising skin that sags and loses youthfulness over time. Although it’s a very effective anti-aging method, it’s not ideal for everyone’s goals. For some patients, lifting the brow can be a way to bring the face into better proportion and define the eyebrows. The gliding brow lift (GBL) is an increasingly popular option for achieving a more shaped and lifted look without substantial downtime or surgical incisions.

The gliding brow lift uses minimal incisions within the hairline so results are virtually scarless. Using specialized tools, the upper layer of skin is separated from the lower tissues and muscles, allowing it to be pulled upward without disrupting the function and appearance of deeper fascia. The result is reshaping and repositioning of the eyebrows and forehead.

The gliding brow lift is an effective new option for patients looking for facial transformation without the hassle and downtime of a traditional surgical procedure.


The gliding brow lift can be an extremely effective way to lift and shape the eyebrows for patients who have flat or heavy brows. This is more difficult to achieve with a traditional brow lift due to scarring and discomfort. While waxing and plucking (or the Botox brow lift) can achieve good eyebrow lift and shape, many patients prefer long-term results. Additionally, it can be a great option for patients who struggle with the appearance of hooded eyes caused by excess, heavy skin in the brows. The gliding brow lift comes with long-lasting results and low risk when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


The best candidates for a gliding brow lift include patients who are looking for a more lifted, alert look. This might include patients who want:

  • More eyebrow definition
  • A higher eyebrow arch
  • A smoother brow
  • Fewer brow wrinkles
  • More eyelid space
  • Less heaviness around the brows

Although the gliding brow lift can be performed using local anesthetic, it’s important to discuss your health history and goals with Dr. Ashruf during your consultation. You should be in overall good health and have good skin laxity to benefit most from a gliding brow lift. Additionally, you should be able to take time away from work or school for your short recovery.

Personal Consultation

Your first step in a gliding brow lift procedure is meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine whether it’s right for you. You’ll discuss your goals and expectations for your procedure and create a customized treatment plan. Dr. Ashruf may also recommend other treatments to enhance and maintain your results using our best non-surgical options. You’ll discuss what to expect before, during, and after your procedure so you can prepare for your surgery date at our Hanover office.


Ahead of your gliding brow lift procedure, make sure to cease taking blood-thinning medications since these can increase your chances of bruising or bleeding. Additionally, avoid using skincare products that include active ingredients like retinoids, and arrive at your surgery appointment with no makeup or restrictive clothing. Before your procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Ashruf and our team to discuss your surgical plan and make sure you’re ready.

Gliding Brow Lift Procedure

A gliding brow lift is performed using local tumescent anesthetic, meaning you’ll be relaxed and comfortable throughout. To begin, Dr. Ashruf will create tiny incisions that can be easily concealed within your hairline. Next, specialized tools are inserted under the skin to separate the skin from the deeper tissues. The flap of skin created is pulled upward and smoothed over before being reattached higher up on the face. Once complete, it’s sutured in place with specialized materials and a medical-grade “net” piece. Finally, you can return home.


Recovery from a gliding brow lift is minimal, and you can return to work within a week. Make sure to avoid sleeping horizontally – instead, you should remain reclined. This can help avoid swelling and blood pooling. Make sure to avoid high-impact exercise and sweating until cleared by Dr. Ashruf. Make sure to also take any medications according to Dr. Ashruf’s instructions. You can expect some swelling and redness and will be given detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical area. Make sure to contact our office with any questions or concerns.


Once your surgical site heals, you’ll see noticeable improvement in your brow’s smoothness, appearance, and proportion. Many patients enjoy a more alert and lifted look to the eyes, brow, and eyebrows. The gliding brow lift can produce long-term results as long as you practice good skincare and anti-aging care. Our team can make sure you understand your best options for maintaining your results for years to come.


The gliding brow lift is customized to your unique needs and goals, meaning Dr. Ashruf can give you the best idea of your full costs involved. During your private consultation, you’ll discuss the costs and your goals for cosmetic surgery. To learn more, we invite you to contact us by calling or filling out our online form.