QuadSculpting is a one-up technology from CoolSculpting®. It allows Dr. Ashruf at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland to treat multiple areas at once, thus saving patients valuable time and money.

What is QuadSculpting?

QuadSculpting utilizes the energy of 2 CoolSculpting Elite systems in combination – with two specialized applicators per platform, it allows for treatment simultaneously of 4 areas that could not otherwise be treated at the same time. With QuadSculpting, Dr. Ashruf can contour the arms, effectively decreasing both the bulk of the fatty tissue and refining the toned look of the upper arm area. This area can achieve beautiful results with Coolsculpting Elite when performed by a body contouring expert and CoolSculpting specialist.

Why Choose CoolSculpting Elite for the Arms?

Dr. Ashruf has extensive experience in body contouring of the upper arm area – both surgically and non-surgically – and uses his proprietary body contouring techniques to achieve excellent CoolSculpting results safely and efficiently. Dualscupting is non-surgical in nature, and it has been FDA-cleared to treat the upper arms in order to reduce fat. Upper arm fat is problematic in nature due to the hormonal nature of the fat, and often times is residual from pregnancy. Data from a clinical study showed that average fat reduction in the upper arm area was at least 25% and that patients were very happy with their results.

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