Thread lifts are an exciting, minimally-invasive alternative to a facelift procedure. With the right approach by your board-certified plastic surgeon, you can enjoy a more lifted, rejuvenated look without the downtime or incisions of a traditional surgical procedure.

About Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are a groundbreaking new technology that can lift and tighten loose skin that comes with the beginning signs of aging. As you age, it’s normal to begin noticing sagging and laxity that results from a natural reduction in collagen production. Many patients try treatments like fillers or professional skincare that doesn’t produce the results they want. And, for many patients, a facelift is too invasive or costly for their goals.

The tread lift uses specialized sutures commonly used in medical surgeries that are inserted underneath the skin through injections to lift and tighten the skin. Once the threads are in place, they’re left under the skin where they boost the skin’s wound-healing response and stimulate collagen production. Over time, the sutures dissolve and leave behind healthy, youthful-looking skin.


Thread lifts are an excellent option for the face and neck where it’s common to begin noticing sagging as you age. Since there’s no incisions or downtime, there’s less risk and impact on your schedule. Thread lifts are a great option for patients looking for a soft entry into plastic surgery procedures like the facelift – or patients who simply want to avoid plastic surgery altogether. Finally, thread lifts can be combined with many other non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatment options for an overall rejuvenated look.


The best candidates for thread lifts include patients who are looking for:

  • Reduced sagging and hollowness in the midface
  • Greater jaw definition
  • Reduced jowls and “turkey neck”
  • Lifted, sculpted cheeks

Because the thread lift is a minimally-invasive treatment, it’s important to have realistic expectations for your results. If your concerns are too severe, you may need to explore your options for surgery to achieve your goals. Thread lifts can benefit virtually any skin type and tone, and you’ll discuss whether the thread lift is right for you during your consultation.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with our team, you’ll discuss whether the thread lift is right for you based on your medical history and goals for anti-aging treatments. For best results, Dr. Ashruf can create a customized treatment package for you that includes other rejuvenating options like injectables or skincare treatments. You’ll be given instructions on preparing for your procedure and what to expect afterward – as well as how to maintain your results.


Ahead of your procedure, make sure to avoid applying makeup or skincare with active ingredients since these can interfere with the thread lift process. Based on your unique skincare regimen, you may need to stop using certain active ingredients like retinoids for a few weeks ahead of your procedure. Make sure to avoid blood-thinning medications for a couple weeks ahead of your procedure as well, since these can increase your chances of bruising or bleeding.

If you have any questions about preparing for your thread lift procedure, make sure to ask our team.

Thread Lift Procedure

Thread lifts can be performed right in our comfortable office. Your treatment will begin with cleansing and preparing your skin. Many patients benefit from a topical anesthetic for greater comfort during treatment, and this can be administered ahead of your procedure. Once you’re relaxed and ready, the threads are injected under the skin at your treatment area. Then, the threads latch on to the underlying tissues with tiny barbs and are lifted and pulled upwards. This instantly smooths and tightens the top layers of the skin. Finally, the threads are cut, and your skin is prepared for a short recovery. Afterward, you can return home.


Thread lifts come with minimal recovery. Most patients opt for treatment in time to recover over the weekend and return to work Monday. After your thread lift treatment, make sure to avoid exercising, sweating, or being exposed to heat since this can exacerbate your skin and negatively impact your results. Make sure to keep your head elevated to prevent bruising and swelling, and take any medications as prescribed by Dr. Ashruf. You can expect some minor redness and sensitivity, but this usually subsides within a few days. In general, you should be comfortable returning to public within a few days of treatment.


Thread lift results can last for 1-3 years, depending on your anti-aging habits and skincare routine. To extend your results, you can return for touch-up treatments or other anti-aging techniques to boost collagen production and maintain a youthful look. After one to two weeks, you’ll see noticeable results and more lifted, tightened skin in the treatment area.


Thread lifts are a low-cost way to achieve facelift results. Your thread lift cost will be unique based on your goals and preferences, so our team will make sure you understand your best options. You’ll receive a full estimate of your thread lift cost during your private consultation. To schedule an appointment and learn more, we invite you to contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Center of Maryland by calling or filling out our online form.