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Why CoolSculpting Elite?

There are several options for non-invasive body contouring available, and each works differently. However, CoolSculpting Elite is the only treatment of its kind that uses proven cryolipolysis technology – backed by many years of research at Harvard University – to freeze away stubborn fat safely and effectively*.

*Results May Vary

With CoolSculpting, there is no downtime. People can have the procedure done in their lunch hour and go right back to work.

Fat is much more responsive to cold compared to other structures such as nerves, skin, and muscle. This is why CoolSculpting is so appealing to many patients. With other non-invasive technologies, the use of electromagnets, needles, or heat comes with a risk of causing injury to other body structures, as well as telltale signs of a recent treatment such as swelling, brushing, or both.

CoolSculpting Elite is meant to treat stubborn areas of fat. These pockets of fat are resistant to diet and exercise. Even individuals at their ideal weight have issues because much of this stubborn fat can be related to hormones, genetics, and pregnancy.

Now, with CoolSculpting Elite, these areas of exercise-resistant fat can be treated and removed*.

*Results May Vary

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting Elite works by freezing areas of stubborn fat which will, in time, naturally be removed by the body itself.

Am I a Good Candidate?

These 6 Characteristics are a good guide to determining if CoolSculpting Elite is right for you:

  • Areas of pinchable fat
  • Distinct bulging areas
  • Overall within a normal healthy weight and skin tone
  • Minimal skin laxity
  • Well-defined bulges and borders for precise applicator treatments
  • Clear pockets of fat

*Results May Vary

CoolSculpting Elite Methods

Not all CoolSculpting centers are created equal. Excellent results with CoolSculpting Elite and Dual Sculpting are DEPENDENT on the knowledge, expertise, and skill of the medical provider*. Our center is within the state-of-the-art Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland facility, the office of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr.Salman Ashruf.

Dr. Ashruf leads a busy, cutting-edge aesthetic practice, where CoolSculpting and body contouring are his passion.

Dr. Ashruf is an expert in minimally invasive procedures and has more than 15 years of experience with surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures. Dr. Ashruf personally consults with patients interested in CoolSculpting Elite and is present to oversee each treatment.  You will benefit from his trained, watchful eye, as he oversees each and every CoolSculpting procedure to ensure that you will achieve the results you desire.

There are a majority of medical spas and discount laser centers which have started to offer the CoolSculpting procedure. It is important for clients to understand that they do not have the appropriate physician supervision, oversight, and experience to achieve consistent, beautiful results that can compete with those of our center*.

Our Promise To You

Not Just a Treatment, But a TRANSFORMATION

Treating To Transform… Every Patient, Every Time. Guaranteed.

With over 15 years of body contouring experience and the skill and knowledge of a board certified plastic surgeon, our CoolSculpting procedures are not merely just treatments; rather, they offer patients an opportunity to TRANSFORM an area of the body – without surgery and with NO DOWNTIME*.

*Results May Vary

Our CoolSculpting Elite Center


Our office has been specially designed to accommodate our busy CoolSculpting Center. Our beautiful 5000 square foot facility includes a dedicated state-of-the-art CoolSculpting center, equipped with designated treatment rooms for CoolSculpting Elite and QuadSculpting. Each of these rooms focuses on the ultimate inpatient comfort. Our treatment chairs feature the softest, highest-grade Italian leather; this allows patients to relax comfortably during the procedure. Soft lighting, as well as super soft warm blankets, robes, and slippers complement the experience. Patients often comment on how quickly the hour passes.

We have a designated photography studio, with professional grade lighting, where all before-and-after photos are taken. Patients enjoy their CoolSculpting Elite treatment in a luxurious, private atmosphere, under the careful, watchful eye of plastic surgeon Dr. Salman Ashruf.


CoolSculpting and QuadSculpting at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland offer patients the best in treatment, care, service, and results. At our center, we have two complete CoolSculpting Elite platforms, so our patients can complete their treatments in half the time with an ability to complete 4 treatment cycles within an hour*. This, together with our convenient Arundel Mills location, offers patients convenience, value, and flexibility. The majority of fat removal procedures can be done in 1 hour*.

Advanced CoolSculpting Elite techniques are developed and used at our center, in addition to individualized treatment plans. These are developed for each patient using Dr. Ashruf’s knowledge, skill, and expertise. If you have ever considered CoolSculpting, call us at (410) 590-­4313 to schedule your free consultation and experience the Ashruf MD CoolSculpting difference.

*Results May Vary

CoolSculpting Applicators


At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, we have ALL of the applicators needed to contour and shape the face and the body.

  • CoolCurve: Precise Flank, Muffin Top and Love Handle Treatment
  • CoolCore: Targeted Abdominal Contouring
  • CoolMax:  Our Large Volume DeBulking Applicator – The cool max applicator is unique because it allows us to target larger areas and perform large volume debulking prior to contouring the body*. If you have larger areas of bulges, this applicator is unique, because we can use the cool smooth to debulk the area first.
  • CoolFit: Inner Thigh Treatment – The cool fit applicator is designed to precisely contour the inner thigh bulge*. It is unlike any other procedure because it can target and smooth out the bulge, in order make the look of the inner thigh appear smooth and shapely*.
  • CoolSmooth: Outer Thigh Treatment – The cool smooth applicator is the treatment of choice for the outer thighs, with just one treatment, saddlebags, those annoying bulges on the outer thighs can be minimized*. This treatment is unique, because it targets the bulge, and smoothes down the bulges on the outer thighs in order to shape and smooth the thigh area*. All of this with no surgery, or downtime*.

*Results May Vary

CoolSculpting Elite Vs. CoolSculpting (Legacy)

CoolSculpting Elite is the latest generation of CoolSculpting treatments. We exclusively offer CoolSculpting Elite with two Elite platforms at our CoolSculpting center. Some of the benefits of CoolSculpting Elite include:

  • Updated, faster applicators
  • Virtually no post-treatment discomfort or tenderness
  • Faster results
  • Improved comfort

CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced body sculpting platform on the market and we’re excited to offer this exciting new technology at our Elite center.

Prepare For CoolSculpting

At your appointment with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Salman Ashruf, you will receive a full consultation and treatment plan to remove the stubborn areas of fat. At our CoolSculpting Elite Center of Excellence, your consultation and treatment plan will ALWAYS be performed by Dr. Ashruf. This ensures that we can truly treat to transform the area*. This is key, because the magic to CoolSculpting lies with the skill, talent, and expertise of the provider.

With over 15 years of body contouring experience, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashruf brings his many years of talent and artistry to CoolSculpting. Every day, he is able to save his patients time and money by outlining a clear and distinct treatment to transformation plan that will maximize the treatment of each CoolSculpting Elite cycle.

In some patients, there may be areas of the body that would be treated more efficiently with Smart Lipo, Laser Liposuction, or some areas that would need additional skin tightening using the gold standard in radiofrequency, Venus Freeze. With CoolSculpting Elite at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, You Get It All. We have the best in non-invasive and minimally-invasive body contouring, and we offer it to our clients every day*.

*Results May Vary

Our CoolSculpting Elite team leader will work with you to schedule your treatment plan and coordinate all your photography sessions and treatment dates, as well as follow-up visits. If you have an upcoming event such as a wedding or reunion, we will work with you to ensure that you will see results prior to the event date.

Once the treatment is done, clients can then resume their normal activities and even go back to the gym.

The day of your procedure, you can perform your usual activities prior to the treatment. Eating, drinking, and working can all be done. Wear comfortable clothing to your treatment session, as this makes changing into a spa robe quick and easy. Clients relax in the treatment chair during the procedure, and many listen to music, read, or catch up on their phone or iPad. After the procedure, the treatment area is massaged; this allows us to dissolve fat cells in their most crystallized state.

Schedule your Consultation, call (410) 590-­4313 and talk to our CoolSculpting Team Leader.

Why Choose Us?

Our state-of-the-art CoolSculpting Elite Center is one of the best on the East Coast. We treat multiple patients every day both locally and nationally. Our center is conveniently located just five minutes from BWI airport. Whether you’re a busy mom or a corporate executive, our conveniently located center in the heart of Arundel Mills, MD makes it easy for you to get your treatments safely, easily, and efficiently. With DUAL SCULPTING our busy clients can maximize their CoolSculpting Elite experience, and can get DOUBLE the results in HALF the time!

CoolSculpting FAQs

How Does Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting Elite Work?

CoolSculpting Elite works using a process called cryolipolysis – during this process, cooling energy causes the underlying fat cells to crystalize without damaging the surface of the skin. Once these fat cells crystallize, they are gradually removed from the body through the metabolic system. The result is a reduction in inches in areas where fat tends to accumulate.

What is the Difference Between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting is the “traditional” version of the same treatment. CoolSculpting Elite was created as a more effective, efficient treatment option that covers more area and removes more fat per treatment – up to 25% versus the legacy version’s 20%.

Are CoolSculpting Elite Results Permanent?

CoolSculpting Elite can produce permanent results. This is because the fat cells are removed from the body entirely versus reduced in size as with traditional weight loss.

Is CoolSculpting Elite Effective?

CoolSculpting Elite is extremely effective at reducing stubborn fat. In clinical studies, it has shown to reduce fat in the treatment area by as much as 20-25% with a single treatment. These results are even long-lasting when coupled with an active lifestyle.

Does CoolSculpting Elite Hurt?

CoolSculpting Elite can cause some mild discomfort, but the area quickly becomes numb from the cooling energy. Most patients are able to relax and read or watch their show while undergoing treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite works best on patients who are within 30 lbs of their ideal weight. Generally, this means you have pinchable inches of fat.

What Areas Can I Treat with CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite can be used on a variety of areas, most commonly the thighs, stomach, flanks, buttocks, upper arms, chin, and bra fat area. CoolSculpting Elite comes with specially molded applicators to fit each unique area.

Is CoolSculpting Elite Safe?

CoolSculpting Elite is a very low-risk procedure and does not require any downtime or anesthetic. Dr. Ashruf and our team will determine whether CoolSculpting Elite is able to achieve your body goals during your cosmetic consultation.

Who is a candidate for Coolsculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite works best on pinchable inches of fat – it should not be considered a way to remove large amounts of fat or as a weight loss treatment. To be considered a good candidate, you should be at or near your ideal weight.

How Long Do CoolSculpting Elite Sessions Last?

The length of your CoolSculpting Elite session can depend on how many areas you want to treat and how large they are. Typically, sessions take between 1-2 hours.