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Hair Restoration MarylandThe name holds true; SmartGraft really is the smartest, most advanced FUE hair restoration device on the market. No more hats, beanies, or hoods – now is the time for advanced hair restoration so you can proudly run your fingers through your hair and wear those pulled-back hairdos. Dr. Ashruf is proud to offer his patients with this advanced hair restoration procedure, providing them with a more effective treatment than ever before.

Patients who are interested in obtaining more information can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ashruf in our Hanover, Maryland office today!

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What is SmartGraft Hair Restoration?

SmartGraft Hair Restoration Maryland ColumbiaSmartGraft is an FUE hair restoration system that surpasses its competition, and Dr. Ashruf is the only surgeon in the area to offer SmartGraft.

The advanced technology is able to rapidly sort and count the grafts automatically, saving an incredible amount of time. There is also no incisions, no linear scars, and minimal downtime! Hair plugs and surgery are in the past; now is the time for quick, easy, and effective hair restoration with SmartGraft.


How Does it Work?

SmartGraft Hair Restoration TechnologyThe SmartGraft device mechanically harvests the grafts from the donor location which are kept in a special mist-moisturized canister. This moisture maintains the viability of the grafts before they are transplanted to the recipient area. As mentioned above, the device is able to sort and count the grafts; Dr. Ashruf just has to separate the follicles with 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs to place them in the appropriate locations on the head for natural looking results (3s and 4s are placed towards the back, while 1s and 2s towards the front near the hairline.)


  • Quickest FUE method
  • Most effective
  • In-office
  • No buzz-cut
  • No scalpel
  • No visible scars
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quick recovery
  • Long-lasting results

SmartGraft vs Strip Graft Hair Restoration

SmartGraft has changed the game in this regard. However, it is still important for patients to understand the difference between traditional methods when performing hair transplant procedures, such as the strip method.

Previously, there were only very invasive hair restoration methods.

This particular technique, known as strip graft, obtains the follicles from a strip taken from a non-balding donor location (usually the back of the head.) The strip is then transplanted to the thinning or balding area. The physician will then stitch the remaining skin together and close the gap that was created. The strip graft method leaves a large scar that runs horizontally across the back of the scalp. The removed skin is typically separated into two or three parts for implantation. This method is used less and less as more innovative technology has been able to provide easier ways to extract hair follicles for transplant.

In comparison, SmartGraft requires no incisions, no removal of skin, and leaves no visible scarring. As an added bonus, SmartGraft technology actually keeps the harvested follicles moist and chilled so they remain in good condition whilst waiting to be transferred. SmartGraft is the leading hair transplant system and it is Dr. Ashruf’s top choice when performing hair restoration procedures.

SmartGraft vs NeoGraft

When considering hair restoration, it is important to understand the differences between the two leading FUE procedures on the market today, SmartGraft and NeoGraft. SmartGraft and Neograft are two automated hair restoration procedures that both utilize Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to restore your hairline and fill areas of thinning. However, SmartGraft and Neograft differ in a technological point of view, as SmartGraft is the latest and greatest type of follicular unit extraction; it is the most advanced automated hair restoration system.

SmartGraft was designed and developed as a solution to overcome the shortcomings of Neograft. SmartGraft has the ability to automatically count, sort, and store the hair grafts. The SmartGraft technology also moistens the hair grafts with a sterile saline mist while waiting to be transferred to the recipient location. It is also able to reduce treatment time by one-third in comparison to NeoGraft. The SmartGraft system is able to implant hair grafts quicker than ever before, thus increasing the rate of success and providing patients with natural-looking results. SmartGraft is designed to deliver natural, long-lasting results. It also allows Dr. Ashruf to have the ability to perform micro hair restoration in a more efficient and safe way, providing his patients with significantly less downtime than with NeoGraft.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone can be a candidate for SmartGraft hair restoration so long as they have viable hair follicles somewhere on their body. Most other offices only use scalp follicular units as a donor location, but Dr. Ashruf is also able to perform body hair transplant. This means that patients with a hairy chest, back, or legs can remove hair from those undesired locations and transplant it to the balding or thinning areas on the scalp.

Patient must be in overall good health with no underlying conditions that could negatively affect the outcome. Men and women experience hair loss differently. Men experience something referred to as male pattern hair loss and women experience female pattern hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss MarylandBetween 20 and 30 years old, men who are predispositioned to male pattern hair loss will begin to notice recession along the hairline and thinning or balding at the crown.

These effects are often caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a male hormone that destroys hair cells. Certain medications or illnesses can also be a cause. About half of men will experience some degree of male pattern hair loss. This condition can be clinically diagnosed.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss MarylandFemale pattern hair loss presents more as overall thinning of the hair rather than recession. Androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss) tends to occur around the age of 50. However, it can also occur after pregnancy or as a result of stress, illness, or tight hairstyles, in which case female pattern hair loss can be seen as early as 15 years old. Women tend to require more in-depth testing to confirm the underlying cause of hair thinning. There is no single cure, but there is a solution – FUE hair restoration with SmartGraft. This procedure will literally regrow your own natural hair.

Procedure Process

The procedure is performed in a private room under local anesthesia. Patients often listen to music or catch up on a show during the process. Dr. Ashruf will first shave the donor area, whether that be the back of the scalp, the chest, back, or legs. A buzz cut prior to the procedure is not necessary. The local anesthetic will then be applied to the recipient area for patient comfort and while that takes effect, Dr. Ashruf removes the grafts from the donor location with the SmartGraft device. The device is designed in such a way that the grafts are gently removed without twisting or damaging the follicle. The grafts are automatically sorted and stored in a sterile hydrated and chilled environment while all necessary grafts are harvested. This SmartGraft technology allows for up to a 98% follicle survival rate. Dr. Ashruf then meticulously placed the grafts in the optimal locations.

Recovery and Results

Hair Restoration Recovery MarylandThere are no linear scars and no wound healing involved after SmartGraft treatment. This is why this advanced treatment method is much more desired than hair restoration treatments of the past. There is no real downtime necessary after treatment, but we recommend that patients take it easy for the remainder of the day. Exercise should only be returned to after a week to avoid potential swelling. Dr. Ashruf sees his patients on a monthly basis to keep an eye on the growth. Growth happens in several different phases.

Patients can generally begin to see growth in 3 months, substantial growth in 6 months, and best results in 12 months. Growth can potentially occur for the rest of your life because the follicles on the sides and lower part of the scalp are genetically more resistant to male or female pattern baldness.


The cost of SmartGraft treatment is based on a per follicle basis and the size of the treatment area. This can only be determined after a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Ashruf. After this meeting, he can provide you with a treatment quote.

Schedule Your Consultation

The first step in the hair restoration process is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ashruf. He will use this appointment to assess the patient’s medical background, current health, and any conditions that can pose risk to an efficient recovery. This consultation will be used to determine the patient’s candidacy for the SmartGraft procedure; therefore, it is a crucial part of the hair restoration process. If after the evaluation the patient is considered to be a candidate, they will be able to schedule their SmartGraft procedure during this time if they please.

Dr. Ashruf works one on one with each patient to construct a custom treatment plan based on their exact needs. The doctor understands that each patient’s case is different and the extent of treatment required may vary. He brings his years of experience and expertise in hair restoration to every consultation, ensuring that his patients receive the best results possible.