A brow lift is one of the most common facial rejuvenation procedures performed by Dr. Ashruf. It is particularly effective for both men and women who have sagging skin above the eyelids.

Often, many people feel that they appear angry or tired.  A brow lift is a permanent solution to this problem that will give you a more youthful, bright eyed look.

Is a brow lift right for me?

  • Do you have sagging skin or wrinkles around the brow?
  • Do you feel that you frequently appear tired or angry?
  • Do you want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your forehead?
  • Are you seeking a more youthful, alert appearance?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you may be a candidate for a browlift.

During the consultation

Dr. Ashruf will evaluate your concerns, focusing on the wrinkles and creases that form on the forehead that cause you to appear aged and tired. A brow lift at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland can dramatically diminish these telltale signs of aging by tightening the forehead muscles and excising lax skin. Dr. Ashruf can perform this procedure endoscopically, meaning a shorter recovery time and no visible signs of plastic surgery.

The Surgery

The state-of-the-art method of performing brow lifts uses an endoscopic approach. Performed by Dr. Ashruf, this technique employs the use of very thin instruments and a small camera that is inserted through four small incisions  hidden beneath the hair. This camera allows Dr. Ashruf to view the surgical area on a monitor.

The endoscopic brow lift, as performed at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, avoids the need for a large scalp incision and the permanent numbness that sometimes associated with open browlift procedures. As a result, recovery time is quicker.

For more information on the brow lift procedure, contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland at (410) 590-4313.