Why the Phenol Croton Oil Peel?

The phenol croton oil peel, also called a modified phenol peel or a Hetter peel, is a chemical peel treatment that deeply penetrates the skin. It is effective for lessening the signs of aging by reducing sun damage, wrinkles, skin discoloration, acne and acne scars, and facial skin laxity.

How does the Phenol Croton Oil Peel Work?

The phenol croton oil peel offers intense and aggressive skin resurfacing. Croton oil penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate the body’s healing and rejuvenation process for new skin growth. This can radically improve the appearance of the skin and tighten the skin up to 30%.

Am I A Good Candidate for the Phenol Croton Oil Peel?

Individuals with lighter skin tones who are seeking a dramatic improvement to their complexion can often benefit from the phenol croton oil peel. However, this peel is not recommended for those with darker skin tones, as these individuals have a higher risk of hypopigmentation. Also, those with active skin infections/lesions, sunburns, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not undergo this peel. To learn more about candidacy, please contact our office today.

The Phenol Croton Oil Peel Treatment

The phenol croton oil peel treatment is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 45 minutes. This peel can be used to treat the entire face for overall rejuvenation or target localized areas such as around the mouth or under the eyes. The different concentrations of croton oil peel are skillfully applied to the skin. A “frost” will gradually form on the skin, which is used to measure the degree of resurfacing. Once the peel is complete and the frosting has subsided, a special antibiotic and anesthetic cream will be applied to the peeled area.

Recovery After a Phenol Croton Oil Peel

Following this peel, there are at least two weeks of downtime.  Because this is an aggressive peel, patients may experience burning, throbbing, redness, severe crusting, and peeling for the first couple of weeks. You will need to wear special skin dressings and diligently care for your skin for the first few weeks for optimal outcomes.

The results will develop after several months as the skin continues to peel and rejuvenate. Dramatic and long-lasting results can be seen after just one treatment.

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