Dr. Salman Ashruf, a Coolsculpting specialist in Hanover, MD, uses advanced body contouring techniques to contour the flanks in men and women with Coolsculpting. The flanks, also known as the muffin top areas, are common areas treated. For women, Dr. Ashruf uses the cool curve applicators to maintain the hourglass shape while getting rid of the excess fat present. The curves are maintained and enhanced.

Bulges in the flank area are common because the fat that is present in these areas is resistant to diet and exercise. Many times, individuals who are diligent with diet and exercise continue to have stubborn fat deposits. This is where Coolsculpting can really help to eliminate 30% of fat in the bulges. Treating the flanks to achieve a symmetrical and contoured look often requires the use of multiple applicators, such as the curve and the core. Many times, the flanks are combined with areas in the back to achieve 360 symmetry and sculpting. Dr. Ashruf understands that the goal in women is to achieve more of the hourglass shaping, while for men it is to achieve more of the v box contour. He can customize the CoolSculpting treatment to fit these ideas.

For many individuals, treating the flanks is as simple as just a quick, one-hour session, with no downtime. The treatment itself is very easy. Clients are treated in our state of the art “Cool” rooms. These areas of our center are designed for the ultimate Coolsculpting experience. The top grain, luxury leather treatment bay is designed for ultimate comfort for all types of Coolsculpting applicators. The rooms are temperature controlled to provide a consistent ideal warm temperature for patients during their Coolsculpting session. Patients often sit back and relax as the flanks are treated with precision and ease. During Coolsculpting sessions at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, patients enjoy watching movies or listening to music, as all of our “Cool” rooms are equipped with Plasma HD Big Screen TV’s and are WIFI enabled. Free drinks and warm blankets complement all of our Coolsculpting treatments.

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Our patients feel their Coolsculpting experience is second to none, and often feel relaxed and rejuvenated after sessions. If you are interested in shaping and contouring the flanks, contact us at (410) 590-4313 to schedule your free consult.