At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, we offer facelift surgery to men and women who are concerned with loose skin and visible signs of aging on the face. But, for those who do not want or do not qualify for surgery, we also offer the advanced Precision Tx Non-Surgical Facelift laser treatment. Precision Tx is a non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift that has less recovery time but yields equally beautiful results.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland is located in Hanover and serves the Annapolis and Washington D.C. metro areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Salman Ashruf to find out how a laser non-surgical facelift with the Precision Tx can help fix your cosmetic concerns.

What is Precision Tx Non-Surgical Facelift?

Advances in laser technology over the past decade have made it possible to achieve desired cosmetic results with increased precision and patient safety. The Precision Tx laser facelift harnesses this technology to do just that. It features an angled laser to accurately and consistently re-contour facial skin and tissue.

Dr. Ashruf has extensive experience with the Precision Tx laser, tightening the skin of the face and neck while lifting the jowl area. Unlike other lasers, the Precision Tx is specially-designed for the minimally-invasive treatment of smaller areas and has several benefits to the patient, including:

Specific Benefits

  • A one-time treatment that typically takes forty-five minutes to complete
  • Minimal downtime and recovery
  • Long-lasting results
  • The promotion of collagen growth underneath the skin

During a Precision Tx Facelift, a small number of miniscule incisions will be made in the neck and chin. A slim cannula containing a tiny fiber will be guided through this area. The fiber will emit controlled laser energy to melt pockets of fat in the chin, neck, and jowls, as well as stimulate collagen growth in the dermis. The body will naturally dispose of the melted fat over the weeks following the Precision Tx Facelift. Thanks to the cutting-edge design of the Precision Tx Facelift, Dr. Ashruf is able to slim, tighten, and frame the lower area of patients’ faces with this minimally-invasive procedure.

Collagen & Youthful Skin

How does Precision Tx Laser achieve such impressive skin tightening results? It not only eliminates fat from the neck and chin, it also stimulates your own skin’s production of collagen. When we are young, our skin is firm, tight, and elastic thanks to a healthy supply of elastins, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. The elastins maintain the flexibility of the skin, the collagen acts as a support structure, and the hyaluronic acid moisturizes these valuable components. Your skin holds its shape, heals quickly, and gives off a youthful “glow.” With time, unfortunately, our body no longer produces as much collagen. Our skin eventually loses volume, resulting in sagging and wrinkles. A Precision Tx Facelift will correct this sagging and restore the tightness of the skin. It achieves this skin tightening by monitoring the skin temperature in real time to guarantee that the tissue has safely reached the temperatures necessary to jumpstart the creation of collagen once again.

With a Precision Tx Laser Facelift, Dr. Ashruf is able to contour and tighten the skin on your neck, chin, and lower face safely and effectively in a minimally invasive procedure. The skin tightening achieved in this laser facelift will be long-lasting, thanks to your body’s own renewed healthy skin function.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Precision Tx Laser Facelift?

Typically, ideal candidates for this procedure are in their forties and fifties and have mild to moderate loose skin or excess fat in the face and neck.

Several factors will be considered when determining whether the Precision Tx is right for you, such as your general health, medical history, individual skin condition, and cosmetic goals. Candidates should have an open mind and realistic expectations towards the results of their Precision Tx Facelift.

Although this treatment is often sought by individuals who do not wish to have a facelift, Dr. Ashruf will recommend the facelift technique that is best suited to your unique skin condition and cosmetic concerns.

Candidates will see their best long-term results if they are non-smokers and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions about your candidacy for a Precision Tx Laser Facelift, we invite you to call the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland for a complimentary consultation today.

Is the Precision Tx Laser Safe?

During a Precision Tx laser non-surgical facelift procedure, local anesthetic is typically used to minimize discomfort and reduce recovery time. This treatment has a proven safety profile, with only two or three days of recovery time necessary. The cutting-edge laser technology of this procedure is highly controlled. It is designed to melt fat but leave surrounding tissues unharmed. The Precision Tx system will monitor your skin temperature to guarantee your safety while eliminating your fat and activating your skin’s collagen production.

Contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ashruf and find out if you are a candidate for a Precision Tx laser non-surgical facelift.

Your Consultation

Dr. Salman Ashruf is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. During your private, personalized consultation, Dr. Ashruf will discuss your goals for your appearance with you. If possible, please bring in photos of yourself when you were younger as a guide for your desired results. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about the Precision Tx non-surgical facelift, or any other cosmetic treatments we offer at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland.

Dr. Ashruf and his helpful staff want their patients to feel 100% comfortable with their decisions and overall experience.

After examining your face and neck, as well as assessing your medical history, medication use, and overall lifestyle, Dr. Ashruf will recommend a treatment plan that will be right for you and your goals. If your desired outcomes will be better achieved with a minimally invasive procedure, such as a traditional facelift, Dr. Ashruf will discuss your options with you.

If you are interested in scheduling a private consultation with Dr. Ashruf, call (410) 590-4313 today.

The Precision Tx Laser Facelift

Patients receive their Precision Tx Laser Facelift under local anesthesia. Some may additionally decide to take an oral sedative before their procedure.

During a Precision Tx Laser Facelift, a small number of miniscule incisions will be made under the patient’s chin. A slim cannula housing a laser fiber will be guided through the incisions. While angling the cannula down, Dr. Ashruf will apply the directional laser to melt fat in your chin, neck, and lower face. Next, with the laser angled upward, Dr. Ashruf will use the Precision Tx Laser system to monitor the skin temperature while he heats the skin with the laser energy. The targeted temperature required for collagen stimulation will be between 44 and 45° C. Patient’s skin will become slimmer, thanks to the breaking down of their fat and the immediate tightening effect the laser have on the skin.

Your Precision Tx Laser Facelift will not only reduce the excess tissue in your neck, chin, and jowls, it will also give you tighter skin and a more youthful contour, thanks to the increased collagen in your skin. Due to the fact that it will take time for the newer, collagen-supported skin to reach the surface, the results of your Precision Tx Laser Facelift will continue to improve over the months following your laser facelift.

A Precision Tx Laser Facelift is a safe, comfortable, minimally-invasive procedure that can be completed within 45 minutes.


The recovery from a Precision Tx Laser Facelift is far shorter and more comfortable than the recovery required after a traditional facelift.

After your laser facelift, you will wear a wrap or compression garment around your head for up to one week to reduce your swelling and to help your results settle into place. Sutures are not usually required after a Tx Laser Facelift, but patients who do receive them will have them removed after their first week of recovery. Swelling and bruising are typical after a Precision Tx Laser Facelift, but these conditions are minor and will abate within the first few days of your recovery. You will be able to return to your daily activities within two to three days, and to work within four to five days. This is a very short, doable recovery compared to the 10-14 days patients often have to take after receiving a traditional facelift.


Your neck, chin, and lower face will look slimmer immediately after your Precision Tx Laser Facelift. The true results of your Precision Tx Laser Facelift, however, will begin to appear within three months of your procedure, and will continue to improve over the six months following your laser facelift. The benefits of your renewed collagen growth will become increasingly apparent: the skin in your neck and jawline will be tighter, thicker, and more elastic than it used to be. Where you used to have sagging skin, wrinkles, and excess fat, you will have instead a tight, smooth, and youthful contour in your neck and lower face.

Your results will last for years to come. Patients who maintain an active lifestyle and balanced diet will achieve the most longevity of their refreshed, more youthful appearance.


The price of a patient’s Precision Tx Laser Facelift will depend on the details of their individualized treatment plan, as well as on the degree of work required to achieve the patient’s desired outcomes. Once you have completed your consultation with Dr. Ashruf, he will tailor a procedure to your goals and unique skin needs. Based on this plan, the staff at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland will provide a cost breakdown to you.