If you want to have breast augmentation surgery, you may be curious about what the recovery looks like. Knowing this will help you to be prepared during the recovery process. One of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that you prepare yourself and your family for your recovery period.

How Long Will It Take You To Recover?

Every woman is different, so there will be different recovery times. Generally speaking, recovery is usually complete in six weeks. However, some women may notice that they feel better much sooner than the six-week timeline. Recovery happens in stages, and these include:

• Post-operative. After your surgery, you will awaken feeling groggy. This will last for several hours. You should have someone stay with you overnight and do your driving. Pain medication will be given during this time.
• First week. During the first week, you will experience some pain. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication. After 72 hours, you may be able to switch to an over the counter pain medication. This will all depend on your pain levels.
• Following weeks. You will be encouraged to start getting back into your regular routine. Any strenuous activity will still be banned. If you have a job where you have to do a lot of lifting or activity, your doctor will recommend that you stay out of work for at least three weeks.
• Full recovery. You will go to the doctor several times during the recovery process. After about two months, you will be cleared to resume all your normal activities.

Encouraging a Smooth Recovery

There are several things that you can do to help smooth the recovery process. You will want to ensure that you follow all of your doctor’s instructions to ensure that you heal as you should. In addition to following all your doctor’s recommendations, you should do the following:

• Bras: You will want to make sure that you wear a recovery bra to help minimize the swelling and soreness that you will feel in your breasts. These bras will help to increase circulation and encourage your lymph nodes in your breasts to drain properly. You will need to wear the bra at all times until you are completely recovered.
• Preparing your home: It is a good idea to have your home prepared before you have the procedure. You will not be able to do shopping, meal prep, or any housework for the first couple of weeks after the surgery.
• Getting help: If you can have a family member or friend, stay over and help you during your recovery process. They can help you do various things throughout the house. A family member or friend can also help you to keep up with your medication and keep you company.

The most important thing you can do during your recovery time is to get enough rest and follow the above tips. Listen to everything that your doctor has to say to ensure that your breast implants look great and that you will not have any issues.

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