Now more than ever, safety in our daily lives and experiences is paramount. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Center of Maryland, your safety has been and will continue to be our highest priority. Learn more about HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT and HOW WE WILL DO OUR BEST to keep you safe at our center.

Dr. Salman Ashruf is the owner and medical director of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, and the owner of Arundel Mills Surgery Center, Inc. He is a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, with over 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Arundel Mills Surgery Center, Inc is a fully accredited and state-licensed facility. This means we have to establish and maintain rigorous safety standards, that are required by CMS, and the State of Maryland, like those of any hospital facility.

Unlike multi-specialty surgery centers and hospital surgical facilities, our center is privately owned and is exclusive to only cosmetic surgery procedures. Our center is limited to one surgical patient at a time and is terminally cleaned after each surgical procedure.

Our operating suite is 400 square feet, this is important because this meets the standards for CLASS C accreditation by CMS, the standard required to perform surgeries with general anesthesia.

We are also accredited by AAAASF, the Gold Standard in Surgical Center Accreditation, and were evaluated on February 25th of 2020. The surveyor report showed: NO DEFICIENCIES AT OUR CENTER

Our operating suite is equipped with state of the art equipment, for your safety and comfort, which include an advanced air filtration system, HEPA and viral filters, & dedicated air exchanges per hour.

Patients who undergo general anesthesia will have the added security of the THALIA system, which is a protective enclosure used during the surgery, and state of the art air blanket warming system for the comfort of our patients.

Cleanliness and safety at our center have always been a priority, and now it is at the forefront of all our services. Our center is cleaned several times per day with medical-grade disinfectants, as well as terminally cleaned after each surgical procedure.

We have developed stringent social distancing guidelines for office visits and implemented a concierge system of visits for all follow-up appointments and in-office procedures.

Every treatment room and post-operative recovery suite is equipped with built-in alcohol-based hand sanitizers for patient safety and convenience.

We are proud to offer HIPPA compliant telemedicine services for all questions and virtual consultations.

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