There are many common myths in terms of anti-aging and turning back the clock. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, we want you to understand all of your options so you can look and feel your best.

Our medical team, led by Dr. Ashruf, will work with you to determine the safest and most effective treatments for your needs. We can help you get the results you want, so contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Myth 1: I will need a lot of downtime.


At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, Dr. Ashruf’s expertise with the most advanced surgical techniques offers our patients a true advantage. Their surgical recovery times after extensive facial surgery are about one week. Our patients have returned back to work looking like themselves in just one week.

Myth 2: Surgery is expensive


Though the upfront cost is higher, in the long run, facelifts can be less expensive than facial fillers due to the short-term results of the fillers the need for additional fillers as the aging process continues. So over time, the price of facial fillers does become significant and can rival the price of a surgical procedure.

Myth 3: I will look un-natural.


This is not a concern if the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Ashruf, who is also a specialist in the area of anti-aging and facial aesthetic surgery. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, whether you choose a filler and laser approach or a surgical approach, you will look like YOU, only younger.