Your appearance can make or break you. It can contribute towards your climb up the corporate ladder, or it can be the reason that you are continually passed over for promotions despite your conviction to exceed.

While women have long understood the value of appearance, this fact has become increasingly more obvious to men. This is why many men are seeking different remedies for the ailments that age and sun damage can bring.

“BRO-TOX” is a male-oriented form of BOTOX®. It brings the many unique benefits of BOTOX® while helping to minimize some of the telltale side effects that aging can have on your face.

What is BRO-TOX?

BRO-TOX is a colloquialism for BOTOX® injections designed to be used by men. While the focus of the areas treated by BRO-TOX can be different than those focused on with female patients, the underlying mechanisms remain the same.

BRO-TOX utilizes a powerful protein solution. This solution affects the nerve’s ability to receive and send neural feedback, which limits how strong muscles can contract. The reason this works to minimize wrinkles and other imperfections involves the tissue underlying the skin.

Creases in the muscle can exaggerate wrinkles that reside within the collagen layers of the skin. BRO-TOX solves the underlying problems, providing a quick, simple and efficient fix for many of the problems that men experience with age.

Why Should You Consider It?

There are a few reasons to consider undergoing BRO-TOX treatments. These include:

  • Quick results – One injection of BOTOX® can provide an immediate reduction in the visibility of undesirable lines, wrinkles and other imperfections originating from underlying muscle tissue.
  • No scars – BOTOX® treatments do not alter the physical structure of your face. It only interrupts the way your muscles receive neural impulses, which in turn means no scars from incisions.
  • Natural results – Because only your muscle’s ability to contract is affected by BOTOX® treatments, your results will look natural.
  • Working with other treatments – BOTOX® is unique in the fact that it can be combined with other treatments for the face.

The biggest benefit of BRO-TOX, however, is the fact that it can make you appear younger while leaving your masculinity intact.

Is BRO-TOX Right for You?

BRO-TOX can help you achieve new levels of success by revitalizing your outward appearance while rejuvenating your own self-confidence. This can help you be more confident when interacting with others, and give you that small edge you need to let your talents speak for you.

To determine if BRO-TOX is the right treatment for you, contact the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, located in Hanover. We’ll schedule a consultation to determine the best treatment for giving you the appearance you deserve.

So don’t go on thinking that BOTOX® is only for women. Many men are taking advantage of the incredible effects of BRO-TOX. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.