The volume sizing system from Mentor, allows patients to achieve desirable results. Along with Dr. Ashruf’s skill and our state of the art center, a visit to our sizing boutique provides our patients with a high standard of care.

By utilizing precise sizing and accurate measurements, Dr. Ashruf and the staff at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland can provide excellent results. The revolutionary Mentor Sizing System includes 18 unique volume sizes. Each size is of a different volume. Patients can try on each one or combinations of the sizes, resulting in a very accurate preview of their procedure result.

Our Exclusive Volume Sizing System

We are using the Mentor VSS, Volume Sizing System in the office. This system allows our clients to “try” various sizes of breast implants in order to determine the size that they like best. In addition to the consultation with Dr. Ashruf, patients now can “try” on the recommended implant based on their consultation, body frame and size. It offers clients a side by side comparison of various sizes of implants. It allows patients to have the most accurate pre-procedure image of their breast augmentation procedure. This is because the implants are shaped like breasts. Our clients love the new VSS system.

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