Silicone breast implants are favored in the cosmetic surgery community because they provide patients with an implant that feels and looks very similar to natural breasts; this is because silicone gel closely resembles the feel of human fat.

Many women choose to receive silicone gel breast implants to enhance their appearance following weight loss or pregnancy. Silicon implants are also commonly used in breast reconstructive surgery.

Silicone gel breast implants typically do not lose their shape or volume over time. However, silicone implants do require more regular maintenance than other types of breast implants to ensure there are no ruptures in the implant. Diagnostic mammograms or MRI’s are recommended every two to three years once you have undergone surgery.

The Procedure

Silicone breast implants typically require larger incisions than saline breast implants because the implant is pre-filled with a silicone gel. Breast augmentation procedures with silicone gel implants require the use of general anesthesia to ensure that no pain is felt during the procedure. The procedure, conducted in our state-of-the-art Baltimore surgical center, usually takes somewhere between one and two hours.

Advantages of Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone gel breast implants offer women a wide variety of breast-enhancing benefits, including:

  • Decreased chance of rippling or skin wrinkling
  • Relatively unnoticeable years after the initial implantation
  • Closely resemble the firmness and volume of natural breasts
  • Reduced firmness of capsule contracture around the implant

While silicone gel leaks may occur, these produce no long-term effects.


Patients often report pain or swelling around the augmentation site following the procedure; Dr. Ashruf may prescribe pain medication to help ease any post-surgical discomfort you experience. It is recommended that heavy lifting and strenuous activity be avoided for at least six weeks following silicone breast implant surgery. However, most patients are able to return to their normal lives a few days after the procedure.

Request a Consultation

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Average cost: $6,000-$7,000

The cost of your silicone breast augmentation procedure will depend on your specific case and if you opt to receive additional treatments or procedures. Please feel free to schedule a private consultation to receive a quote.