Pregnancy, rapid weight loss, and aging cause the breasts to lose their firmness and shape.

With saline breast implants, you can fix these problems and renew your self-confidence by enhancing your body’s natural contours and shape.

Dr. Ashruf recommends saline breast implants for women who feel their breasts are disproportionate in size or too small. Saline breast implants offer a more natural cosmetic solution for women who feel self-conscious wearing cleavage-revealing clothing or find that certain clothes fit very loosely around their bustline.

The Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ashruf will create a personalized augmentation procedure plan based on the desired outcomes of your surgery and your previous medical history.

Breast augmentation surgery typically somewhere between one and two hours.

First, Dr. Ashruf will make a small incision either under the breast, near the armpit, or around the nipple.  The empty implant balloon will then be placed under or over the chest muscles.

Once the implant balloon is in place, Dr. Ashruf will fill it with saline solution to the desired fullness. The small incisions are then closed using sutures or surgical tape, and the breasts are wrapped with protective and supportive gauze.

Benefits of Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants offer many breast augmentation benefits, including:

  • A proven safety record through the use of a natural saline solution
  • Reduced procedure and follow-up care costs
  • Smaller, less conspicuous incisions
  • More natural looking and feeling breasts

Dr. Ashruf at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland has incredibly high patient satisfaction ratings with saline breast implants for breast augmentation procedures.


Following your breast augmentation procedure, you will be monitored in our recovery area for several hours before being sent home to rest.

Many patients experience swelling and pain following breast augmentation surgery; pain medication may be prescribed to mitigate post-operative discomfort. Most patients recover from the initial surgery within a few days, but strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least six weeks following your breast augmentation surgery.

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Dr. Salman Ashruf at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland in Baltimore specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery, and combines high definition Brazilian techniques to create beautiful cosmetic surgery results.

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Average cost: $5,000-$6,000

The cost of your saline breast augmentation procedure will depend on your specific case and if you opt to receive additional treatments or procedures. Please feel free to schedule a private consultation to receive a quote.