Cohesive, anatomically-shaped silicone gel-filled breast implants, commonly referred to as “Gummy Bear” breast implants, have continued to receive extremely high satisfaction ratings since their recent FDA approval. Patients are consistently pleased with the natural look and feel of Gummy Bear breast implants.

In Annapolis, Dr. Ashruf uses anatomically-shaped silicone gel Gummy Bear breast implants for women who want to enhance their appearance or are seeking reconstructive surgery. The Gummy Bear breast implants are available in several different sizes and shapes. They’re accommodating for women who have undergone mastectomy surgeries, making these ideal for breast reconstructive procedures. In some cases, very little skin is needed to accommodate these breast implants.

Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Breast augmentation procedures with Gummy Bear silicone-gel breast implants provide several benefits over traditional breast implants, including:

  • Cohesive silicone-gel design prevents frequent rupturing and leaks
  • Form-stable silicone-gel prevents leaks upon rupture, maintains shape, and resists wrinkles and ripples
  • Various shapes, sizes, and textures that accommodate every woman’s body
  • Reduced complication rate
  • A more natural look and feel

The Procedure

The augmentation procedure for Gummy Bear breast implants is similar to that of traditional silicone-gel breast implants, and requires the use of general anesthesia.

First, Dr. Ashruf creates an incision around the nipple, under the arm, or under the fold of the breast depending on the patient’s personal measurements and desires.

The Gummy Bear implant is placed either above or under the chest muscle, depending on the patient’s body and chest size. The Gummy Bear breast implant comes pre-filled with cohesive silicone gel, so the incision will need to be larger than those associated with saline breast implants.

Once the implant is properly placed within the breast, the incision is closed using internal sutures, and the breasts are bound with gauze and a support bra.


Gummy Bear breast implants typically require a recovery period of at least six weeks following the breast augmentation surgery. Patients may experience pain and swelling around the surgical area in the days and weeks following their surgery. Pain medication may be prescribed to mitigate post-operative pain, and acetaminophen is typically recommended to reduce swelling.

Patients often return to their daily routine several days after the breast augmentation surgery, but should avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for the full six week recovery period. Regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Ashruf will ensure that you are healing properly.

Learn More

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