Here at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, we believe in special skin care treatments for every season. Let’s face it, our complexions may still have that dull, dry appearance left behind from those cold, moisture-robbing winter days.

Our skin needs proper preparation now to exfoliate the dead skin cell build-up we’ve accumulated. Dr. Salman Ashruf, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and his team of talented aesthetic experts are ready to take your skin to the ultimate level.

Here are our favorite fresh face treatments designed for all skin types. They’re safe, quick, and pose barely if any downtime.


If you’re dreaming about a procedure that delivers smoothing facial texture with a radiant glow, then consider dermabrasion. The treatment is superb at resurfacing the skin by using diamond-chipped applicators that provide amazing abrasion to address your fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven texture. Now’s the ideal time and still cool enough to schedule in a microdermabrasion procedure to have gorgeous skin for summer.


Celebrities of all ages have become hooked on the versatile HydraFacial treatment. It only takes about 30 minutes and multi-tasks by improving your skin tone, any break-outs, fine lines, minor scars, and more. The procedure uses the power of water to deep cleanse and extract while also nourishing the skin and triggering fresh collagen production. One or more treatments and you’re red-carpet-ready for summertime.


Stars like the Kardashian sisters have undergone medical needling for achieving that Hollywood glow, and although the procedure seems a bit bizarre, the results speak volumes. Wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks become softened and unnoticeable.

Microneedling uses tiny, sharp needles that poke through your facial skin, neck, and other parts of your body to encourage new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. A few treatments and an extra slathering of SPF, and you can hit the sun and surf in no time.

VI Peel

Talk about incredible exfoliation! The right chemical peel can smooth away the bad and usher in the soft, smooth and new. The VI Peel is a wonderful, medical-grade chemical peel that is strong but gentle for all skin types. Our aesthetic experts can help you choose the proper VI Peel that will address your skin’s individual concerns.

These advanced peels are comprised of a unique blend of minerals, salicylic acid, vitamin C, phenol, retinoic acid, and TCA to yield a clean, clear and youthful complexion. Say “bye-bye” to rough skin, dead skin cells, sun damage, pigmentation issues and more. Schedule that VI Peel now to reveal healthy, radiant, protected skin before your summertime fun.

At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland, Dr. Ashruf and his professional aesthetic team are ready to get your summer skin game on! Our treatments are affordable, tolerable, quick and deliver awesome results. We believe that everyone should love the skin they’re in!

Contact us today, and set up a consultation.