Unless you have access to the Fountain of Youth or you’re blessed with incredible genetics, you can’t avoid the aging process. While not desirable, it’s completely normal for your face to lose volume as you age.

Aging skin loses its support structures that keep it taut and youthful. When collagen and elastin start to become depleted, that’s when lines and wrinkles form. Thankfully, Radiesse® can be used to restore lost facial volume and fill in wrinkles.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a brand of dermal filler that’s designed to plump up the skin. It adds volume to lines and wrinkles and, over time, it stimulates your body to start creating collagen again. When it’s injected under the skin, the gel fills in depressions like wrinkles. It’s eventually absorbed by the body over the next year or so, but as the body is absorbing it, the gel is telling the body to create more collagen to retain the youthful appearance.

Where Can Radiesse® Be Used?

Radiesse® has been approved for use on the face and hands. It can be used to address:

  • Smile lines: Also known as nasolabial folds, these wrinkles form along the side of the nose and down to the corners of the mouth. They’re visible whether you’re smiling or not, and many patients complain that they make them look angry or unhappy.
  • Marionette lines: These wrinkles start at the corners of your mouth and run down towards your chin. These occur as the face loses volume, and they’re not caused by smiling or frowning.
  • Corners of the mouth: As the skin ages and you lose collagen, the corners of your mouth start to droop and make you look like you’re permanently frowning.
  • Pre-jowls: Jowls are the areas on either side of your chin. This is a common place for volume to disappear, leaving sagging skin and a hollowness beneath it.
  • Chin wrinkles: This wrinkle runs horizontally across the chin, and most patients say they want it filled because it distracts people from their natural smile.

How Long Do Results Last?

Results last at least one year, but the exact time depends on how your body absorbs the gel. Some patients report that they never need a touch-up, but the majority of patients report that they need touch-up fillings after 12 months.

Restore Your Lost Facial Volume

Lost facial volume is the single biggest characteristic of aging, and it’s also the one that ages you far beyond your years. A few simple injections once a year or so is your answer to improving the youthfulness of your appearance without invasive surgeries.

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