There are a number of benefits that people can gain from otoplasty. Commonly referred to as ear pinning, this procedure can dramatically improve the shape, look and size of the ears. For both children and adults who have suffered through years of teasing, this treatment can build confidence and self-esteem. Although the mechanisms for hearing are located in the middle and inner ear, in some instances, such as when the outer ear structure is completely missing or significantly misshapen, the aesthetic improvements made by otoplasty can additionally foster improvements in hearing abilities.

What is Otoplasty and What Does It Entail?

The manner in which otoplasty is performed is largely determined by the needs of the patient. This procedure is designed to improve the overall look and functionality of the outer ear structure and to create greater balance across all facial features.

People with protruding ears can have their ears pinned back, while those with asymmetrical ears or visible, congenital defects can have these issues corrected instead. In addition to ear pinning, otoplasty can include cartilage removal and the strategic reshaping of existing cartilage. Cup ear, lop ear and earlobes that have been damaged by heavy piercings and traumatic events can also be addressed during these treatments.

What to Expect During an Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon as an outpatient procedure. Anesthesia is used according to the needs, wishes and requirements of the individual. During the procedure, protruding ears can be pinned or rotated backwards. Ears that are missing some or all of the natural folds can be reshaped and sculpted using donor tissues.

Thickened ears or ears that have sustained damages as the result of physical trauma can be thinned out and reshaped. Once the procedure is complete, the treated ear or ears will be covered with a special dressing to ensure stability throughout the recovery process.

How to Know If Otoplasty Is Right for You

If you have been frequently teased about the size, shape or position of your ears, otoplasty could be a safe and permanent solution for enhancing your appearance. This procedure can effectively create facial symmetry and balance for an overall well-proportioned and attractive look. It can even be used to correct split, torn, stretched or otherwise damaged earlobes.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for otoplasty is to visit Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland in Hanover. Our team of experts can evaluate your unique situation and help you determine if this procedure is the right option for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.