The tummy tuck is one of the best ways to achieve a slim, toned stomach and reduce sagging skin. There are a few options that you can choose from when considering your options, however. Here’s what to know about the mini tummy tuck and the traditional tummy tuck, as well as which one is best for you.

The Mini Tummy Tuck and Full Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is a surgery that reshapes the stomach by removing excess skin and fat below the belly button. It’s best for patients who have minimal sagging but want to achieve a slimmer look. A full tummy tuck, on the other hand, is a surgery that reshapes the entire stomach by excess fat and skin. It also tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall when they become stretched by things like childbearing or weight gain. The full tummy tuck is best suited for patients who have trouble achieving a slimmer stomach because of stretched muscles.

What are the Benefits?

Both mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck are safe surgical procedures that can produce a more defined, toned stomach. However, the full tummy tuck is more invasive than a mini-tummy tuck. It requires larger incisions, longer recovery time, and results in more downtime. It’s also more effective at correcting excess skin, fat, and loose muscles. The mini tummy tuck comes with less downtime and scarring but achieves less transformative results than the full tummy tuck.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck procedures are performed using general anesthesia. For a mini tummy tuck, a small incision is made across the pelvic area to allow your plastic surgeon to remove excess skin and fat, tightening the tissues and creating a more toned look. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures. During a full tummy tuck, the skin and tissues of the abdomen are lifted and excess fat, skin, and muscles are corrected. Your plastic surgeon will also reposition the belly button once the skin is tightened and pulled downward. Liposuction can be performed to remove excess fat before the incisions are closed with special sutures.

The incisions in a mini tummy tuck can heal completely in a week or so, whereas the incisions in a full tummy tuck will take longer to heal. Scarring from the mini tummy tuck is usually minimal, and can easily be concealed by clothing. Scarring from a full tummy tuck might require scar treatments to help fade its appearance during recovery.

What is The Cost of a Tummy Tuck?

In general, a mini tummy tuck is less expensive than a full tummy tuck and can be a great option for patients wanting minimal correction. The full cost of your mini or full tummy tuck will include factors like surgeon’s fees, facilities, recovery materials, and many more. You’ll receive a full estimate of your tummy tuck cost during your consultation with Dr. Ashruf.

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