Cellulite remains the bane of women and men around the world. It can make perfectly smooth skin into something that looks bumpy and unattractive. The worst part is that cellulite seldom seems to want to leave. Some treatments can lessen the appearance of cellulite. Others can temporarily remove it. Cellulite seems to inevitably come back given enough time.

A new treatment called Cellulaze™ aims to provide long-term relief from the symptoms of cellulite. This unique treatment utilizes cutting-edge principles designed to modify the underlying causes of cellulite without the need for surgery.

How Does It Work?

Cellulaze™ utilizes a special type of laser that is designed to alter the fat layers underneath the skin, which in turn minimizes the appearance of cellulite. The laser light harmlessly passes through skin cells and other desirable tissue. When it reaches fat, it transforms into heat. This affects the fatty tissue, which in turn causes the tissue to erode as waste by the lymphatic system. Once the fatty tissue decreases, the cellulite becomes less apparent.

A favorable side effect of Cellulaze™ is the fact that the rigid structures beneath the skin tend to contract as the heat spreads from the nearby fat cells. This further improves the results that patients will see regarding cellulite reduction.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Cellulaze™ Treatments?

It’s important to realize that Cellulaze™ treatments are designed to be effective and safe. This enables them to be used by a wider variety of individuals without diminished results. Criteria that will make a candidate ideal for receiving treatments includes:

  • The appearance of light to moderate cellulite
  • Good overall health
  • A stable and healthy weight, as this will help to ensure that the results of Cellulaze™ remain
  • Not smoking
  • Having realistic expectations as to the degree of improvements that Cellulaze™ can provide

Regarding other criteria, Cellulaze™ is effective for both men and women. Age tends to be less of an issue, but it can affect how quickly patients see results from this unique procedure.

Is This the Right Procedure for You?

Cellulaze™ is a unique breakthrough when it comes to treating cellulite. It can offer you a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite with just a few comprehensive treatments. Despite this, ideal patients will generally have the most satisfactory results. They will have the right setting to ensure that Cellulaze™ can have a maximized and long-lasting treatment of cellulite with a minimal risk of undesirable side effects.

If you have cellulite, we encourage you to visit the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Maryland to get a better picture of your options for treating it. Cellulaze™ may be just what you need to say goodbye to your cellulite once and for all. Our office is located in Hanover. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.