EMSCULPT NEO is the first non-invasive body shaping technique that eliminates body fat and enhances muscle building in a session of thirty minutes. The process entails the emission of high-intensity electromagnetic energies and radiofrequency. As a result, more muscle buildup and fat reduction than any typical product can offer cost-effectiveness and consume less time. The best thing about the procedure is it treats patients of up to 35 body mass index.

The Function of EMSCULPT NEO

EMSCULPT NEO uses an advanced HIFEM technology with added radio frequency to do everything EMSCULPT does, including:

  • Surges muscles by 25%
  • Treats patient of body mass index up to 35
  • Eradicate fats by 30%
  • Enhances muscle separation by 19%

The radiofrequency also tightens the skin. EMSCULPT NEO has an added advantage as it is more advanced than EMSCULPT. It can be programmed if someone wants to gain muscles with no fat elimination. It will also help you achieve your goals if you’re going only to gain muscle or lose weight.


It is an applicator that works based on the emission of corresponding energies, HIFEM and RF. The radiofrequency warms up muscles for stress exposure which is also preparing them for the procedure. In four minutes, the excessive fat in the body is damaged permanently and secreted. The average reduction of fats is thirty percent while growing muscle cells and fiber average twenty-five percent.

How to prepare for EMSCULPT NEO Procedure

After the initial consultation with a doctor, wear comfortable clothes on the day of the procedure. If you have any piercings near the treatment area, remove them before the process. Also, remove any electronic device, belt, and watch from your body to avoid them overheating. Additionally, ensure you clean your skin and get rid of anything that can overheat as EMSCULPT NEO applicator is placed on your skin directly.

What are the Expectations after EMUSCULPT NEO Treatment?

After the procedure, expect your body to be flawless with no marks. You will spot redness on your skin where the applicator was placed, but it will be out after an hour. You may also experience soreness and tenderness, which will go away after some time. That is it, you won’t experience any other pain, and you do not need recovery time, restriction, or downtime.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for EMUSCULPT NEO Procedure?

If you have gone through other procedures, it does not mean you are the right candidate for this procedure. Consult Dr. Salman Ashruf to examine and determine whether you have any underlying condition that will hinder you from going through the procedure. If you are on any medication, including herbs and supplements, inform the doctor during the initial consultation.


Yes! The procedure has been clinically proven for efficacy and safety in several studies. Since its invention in 2018, it is a worthwhile non-invasive procedure for body shaping. It guarantees treatment that gives you a great body after elimination of fats and building muscle. It also tightens the skin by returning abdominal muscles to their place. EMUSCULPT NEO helps women gain back their bodies as it is a game-changer for them.

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