SmartLipo is a relatively simple, minimally invasive, outpatient treatment designed to rid the body of stubborn fat deposits in the waist, belly, upper arms, and neck areas. Unlike traditional liposuction that involves large incisions, SmartLipo uses a tiny laser fiber inserted into the body via a thin tube. The treatment is gentle, without side effects, and involves no long-term downtime for the patient. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland, we recommend this treatment for those who are concerned about excess fat causing sagging, wrinkled skin, and unsightly bulges.

The Science behind SmartLipo

This treatment was developed as an alternative to the more invasive liposuction techniques. SmartLipo is different because it uses a gentle heat energy transfer mechanism to melt away the problem fat cells and remove them from the body.

Tiny incisions are made at strategic points where the fat cells are to be removed. The instrument consists of a thin tube, called the cannula, which a laser fiber is run through. When inserted into fat cells directly beneath the skin, the laser subjects the fat to gentle heat. The heat waves do not affect other tissues because the wavelength chosen is absorbed more readily by fat. The fat is melted slowly, and then the vacuum force draws out the melted fat. The entire procedure lasts only about an hour. The incisions do not need to be stitched and will heal on their own.

Before And After Treatment

We advise our patients to avoid sun exposure before undergoing SmartLipo treatment. This ensures that the skin is supple and healthy in the areas where the incisions are made. During the treatment, a local anesthetic may be used if a large amount of fat is to be removed.

After the treatment is complete, patients can resume their normal activities immediately. The scars are so tiny that they are hardly noticeable, and they disappear within a month. Most of our patients need only a single treatment, but in areas where larger amounts of fat are to be removed, we may schedule a secondary treatment about one month after the first session is completed.

Long-Term Results

Most patients will experience a healthier skin surface soon after the treatment is completed. This is because the supporting tissues below the skin will tend to grow somewhat after the fat cells have been removed. The healthier tissue will encourage collagen production as well, meaning that the skin itself will be tighter, suppler, and more youthful appearing.

Before Choosing SmartLipo

SmartLipo treatment is intended for patients who have excess fat deposits in areas where cellulite buildup is minimal or non-existent. Those who are extremely overweight may want to consider other treatment methods. SmartLipo treatment results are more positive when the procedure is used to remove fat cells from the waist, belly, neck, and upper arms. These areas rarely have a buildup of cellulite, meaning the fat layer is just below the skin and not bound by fibers to the underlying tissue.

At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland in Hanover, we offer complete consultation services for our patients, and we will be happy to discuss SmartLipo or other fat removal techniques. Our medical team, led by Dr. Ashruf, will work with you to determine the safest and most effective treatment plan for your needs. Contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Maryland today to schedule your consultation.